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The purpose of the Euro Bodysurf Association is the development, the promotion, the organization and the practice, in Europe and in the world, of bodysurfing with the following goals:

  • the promotion and development of the practice of bodysurfing but also the values ​​carried by bodysurfing: the sharing, the empathy, the open and disinterested vision of the sport, the friendship between bodysurfers at a local, a national and an international level, respect due to ocean and nature, protection of the beaches and spots;

  • the promotion and development of access to practice and training for the greatest number, from the youngest age;

  • the promotion and development of technical and physical preparation to practice at the highest level;

  • the creation, implementation, and promotion of common sports rules in Europe and in the world concerning bodysurfing;

  • the dialogue and the cooperation with any structure, community and national or international organization sharing the same goals and the same passion for ocean, waves and bodysurfing;

  • the promotion, development and organization of sports events related to bodysurfing;

  • the promotion and development of free practice or competitions related to European bodysurfers at the highest level.
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